Admission and opening times

Opening hours: 8.30 a.m. - 7.30 p.m. The ticket-office closes at 7 p.m.

Mondays: closed, except 03/07/2017 and 14/08/2017 (extraordinary opening 15.00 - 19.00

Friday evening (from 14/07/2017 until 09/09/2017): 19.30-22.30

Entrance-fee: - euro 6,00.

Reduced entrance-fee: - euro 3,00.
for European citizens aged 18 to 25

UnicAqVileia Ticket (1 entry at National Archaeological Museum, the Cryptas of the main church, Towerbell and Sud-Halle): euro 12,00; reduced euro 9,00.

Free admittance for Youngs who are either under 18, University teachers and students in Architecture, Conservation of the Cultural Patrimony, Pedagogical Courses, ICOM members, Journalists with card, Handicapped citizens of the European Union and a caregiver, for teachers in european state schools.

Schools: free admittance for students (european citizens) and teacher-escorts (european citizens) by delivering a detailed list of the partecipants on headedpaper.


Access and facilities:

Guided tours:

If you would like to rent an audioguide or book a guided tour, please contact:

IAT AQUILEIA - Infopoint
Via Iulia Augusta
Parcheggio / Bus terminal
33051 Aquileia (UD)
Tel.: 0431-919491
Fax: 0431-919491

Large items and luggage are not allowed on the Museum's premises for safety and security reasons: currently there is no secure cloackroom available.
Visitors are allowed to film or take pictures for personal purpose without flash or tripod. In any other cases a legal authorization from the Regional Archaeological Service is requested; for more info just contact Mr. Stefano Scuz (; 0431-91035).
Visiting rules:
Packed lunch is forbidden either inside the Museum or in the garden.