Where reality meets fantasy: there : there stories are born

During the years, you read on our social media many short tales, inspired by our collection’s masterpieces. Our staff wrote them, but we are archaeologists not writers, and we like to explore our possibilities: we decided to create a new webpage on our website, completely dedicated to the stories of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Aquileia.

We called this new section 'Il RaccontaMAN', and we tried to design it as a comfortable virtual space, where everyone can tell his story, as a Story Club!

So, we will periodically publish new short stories, written by both us and you.

Are you ready to write?

Send your story by email to museoaquileiadidattica@cultura.gov.it

RaccontaMan Tales

Una maschera da sogno

Sentia Secunda maestra vetraia

Il mercante d’ambra

Qualcosa da tenere accanto al cuore