Copyright, copies and disclosure

You can print, copy and disclosure our finds and art pieces without authorization in order to promote any activity of studying, researching, creative expression, and cultural and artistic knowledge, except if:

  • You are planning a profit-making activity, directly or indirectly
  • You need to use flashes, tripods, or any other professional photographic equipment, or you need to touch the find or the art piece
  • Your work’s disclosure will generate a profit-making activity, directly or indirectly

Fonte normativa: DL n. 83 del 31.5.2014, art. 12 comma 3 (convertito in Legge n. 106 del 29.7.2014)

Using museum locations and copyright

In any other case, to copy or reproduce the museum’ art pieces you need a concession contract that can be stipulated both for free o by payment, according to the law.

Furthermore, according to Codice dei Beni Culturali e del Paesaggio, D.Lgs. 42/2004 e smi, artt. 106-109, you need the museum’s direction authorization to use the museum’s locations and art pieces. To get this authorization you need to submit a request and provide all the documents needed. A fee could be required, according to the law.