Museum’s entrance is located in Via Roma, on the northern side of the building.

By car

Took exit Palmanova on the highway A23. Keep driving on Strada Statale 352 (State Road 352) to the south. Once you reach Aquileia, drive along Via Iulia August (Aquileia main road), you will find Via Roma on your right. There is a car park close to the museum, on the road to Grado.

By plane

The closest airport is Trieste – Ronchi dei Legionari. You can reach Aquileia from the airport by taxi.

By train

The closest train station is Cervignano – Aquileia – Grado. The station is almost 10 km distant from the museum, you can reach the city centre by bus – Aquileian public transport line is called SAF. There is a bus stop at the train station, you can have a look at the timetable on the SAF website.

By bicycle

Alpe-Adria Cycle Path, which connects Austria to Grado, is close to Aquileia.

People with motor disabilities can visit the entire museum. Elevator is also available..

Always in the entrance, a visual and tactile map shows the visitors how the museum and the gardens are organized.