People with motor disabilities can visit the entire museum. The elevator is also available.

At the museum entrance, a visual and tactile map shows the visitors how the entire museum and the gardens are organized.

Visitors can listen to some finds’ descriptions, both in Italian and English, thanks to a smartphone, that is provided directly by the museum for free. Thanks to this organization, blind and partially-sighted people can fully enjoy the exhibition, touching and exploring it on their own. Visitors can ask for this smartphone directly to the ticket office. The app runs thanks to the beacons along the exhibition itinerary.

Our staff offer guided tours for visitors with motor, perceptual, or intellectual disabilities. The museum offers a tactile and audio exhibition itinerary of its original archaeological finds.

For further information about guided tours or museum services, please contact us by phone at +39043191035, Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 2 pm, or by email at